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We are a group of companies which are owned by a common management and represented by three companies as below :-

  • Utsavgiri Computers & Electronic Ind. Pvt Ltd
  • Elcompo Electronics Ind Pvt. Ltd
  • Perfect Electronics Pvt. Ltd

Profile of "Utsavgiri Computers & Electronic Ind Pvt. Ltd"

Established in 1983 in wire wound components. We have been leading makers of SMPS transformers. These products are used in power supplies of CTV, LCD TV, DVD, SET TOP BOX, Printers, Medical Equipment, Industrial Equipment, UPS, Inverters, Chargers of mobile phones, etc.

Profile of "Elcompo Electronic Ind Pvt. Ltd"

Born in 1973 with manufacturing wire wound components. We have been leading makers of Fly back transformers (Slot /Layer) and Deflection coils in India. These products are used in various applications including TV, MONITOR (COMPUTER& MEDICAL EQUIPMENTS) POWDER COATING, and WATER PURIFIER. Apart from these we also have small transformers which are used in various electronic applications such as Lighting, Chargers, Printers, etc.

Profile of "Perfect Electronics Pvt. Ltd"

Since its inception in 1978 we have been dealing in wire wound component manufacturing. The core focus has been to manufacture "Inductors", "Width Coils", "Line Driver Transformer", "Line Filter Chokes" used in Lighting and CTV end applications